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Each and every review truly means the world and is an easy way to support. I love reading about your experience and it helps get more eyes on this little big dream. THANK YOU!

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"I got the piece I ordered from you and it is even more amazing in person. I got it to help me find my joy in teaching again. I have not been the same since 2020 and looking at your work is so healing to me." - Avery


"I lived in Savannah this past summer and this little shop of joy and happiness was my favorite thing about the city!!!" - Liz

"Amazing little shop of thoughtful joys. She has such a love of our world and has a really lovely way to express the beauty and gratitude for sharing." - Linda


"My mom and I were in Savannah for the weekend and happen to walk into this wonderful place. She welcomed us in with open arms and told us her story. So talented and a local artist it doesn't get better than that." - Orlaned

"So original, her art makes me so happy just looking at it." - Carrie

"I was gifted some of Amelia's artwork from a friend and I've been hooked ever since." - Stephanie

"I've been suffering incredibly for a long while now and looking at your art has sparked memories of joy in my cells that have been lost for too long." - Koree


"Every time I see her work, it cheers me up, and the messages behind her work are just as beautiful and inspiring." - Melanie

"Amelia has an amazing attitude and beautiful art. It's worth stopping into the store just to be hit with all that positivity." - Chris


"I found her art during a family trip to Savannah, and all of us fell in love with her lovely way of transforming thoughts to inspirational messages." - Sol

"You made our trip! Your spirit refreshed my love of humanity!"

- Norma


"Finding your shop felt like one of those once in a lifetime experiences the universe puts right in front of you." - Ashley

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